The Workforce is Changing | Part 3 | The Exponential Age

Discussions in response to our series ‘The Workforce is Changing; Jobs Are Gone & More Will Follow’ are still generating curiosity and vigorous conversation. That fact that: 

“40 per cent of Australian jobs that exist today have a moderate to high likelihood of disappearing in the next 10 to 15 years”.
                                                                        - Committee for Economic Development of Australia

has continued to force deliberation on ‘What does this really mean for me’?

As Carma and I investigate different vantage points, one thing is clear; we are entering an Exponential Age.

Entering the Exponential Age

Never before have we lived in an era that experiences change at such an exponential rate. It’s time to be part of the conversation. ‘Sticking your head in the sand’ and ‘doing the same thing’ for the next five years, won’t get you anywhere. We have to start pushing the envelope. If we’re not doing things that scare us; then let’s face it - we probably won’t be ahead of the game. That’s a pretty frightening concept.

Live outside of your comfort zone; 365 days of the year

Could you do it? Really think about this - Live outside of your comfort zone, on a daily basis, 365 days of the year, for the rest of your life. We all give it a go - stepping enthusiastically into unchartered waters at various stages throughout the year and feel invigorated, but to do it forever….. may just be too confronting.

Is it too dramatic an opinion? Robert Goldman would say not, and having read his article ‘Predictions for 2017-2045’ it’s certainly my reflective ponderings. I can’t see how continuing to function with the same mindset will see either my business or myself evolve. But I deviate from Robert Goldman’s predictions. Goldman, the World Chairman of the International Medical Commission, believes that we are entering the 4th Industrial Revolution; an Exponential Age. An era of dramatic change that will revolutionise many industries. Change will be synonymous with progress in the fields of:

  • Artificial Intelligence; with software, robots and App explosions driving our adoption of AI within our homes and our business.
  • Life extension and health care; super computers (IBM Watson) will replace Doctors. We are destined to live longer: 120 – 150 years. World class medicine will be available on medical devices which work with our phones; health care at our finger tips.
  • Nanobots (miniaturised robots as small as atoms or electrons) will be integrating with our brain matter allowing us to merge with computers and the ‘Cloud’.
  • Autonomous and electric cars; bring the decline of the automotive industry as we know it, insurance companies are forced to adapt or face demise. 2018 driverless vehicles enter the main stream; our children never get a driver’s license, or own a car. Cars are called on your phone, no more parking hassles or unproductive drive time. 1.2 million lives will be saved as accidents drop from one every 100,000 km, to one in 10 million km.
  • New and cheaper energy sources; will be made from biofuels and renewable clean energy. With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water production. Clean water will be available, for nearly no cost.
  • Agriculture; robots replace farmers who become managers of their fields rather than workers. Petri dish produced meat becomes mainstream from 2018; meaning land is no longer needed to house animals; more communities will develop.
  • Real estate; people will move further away from the CBD; as driverless vehicles reduce unproductive time and emails are answered on the home bound journey.
  • 3D printing of organs and even your meat! Advances in 3D printing and scanning will see many industries revolutionalised as we print human organs, spare parts and even our own shoes! By 2027, 10% of everything produced will be 3D printed.
  • Access to education; seamless access to education, with smart phones in in every hand.
  • Job skill/Information gap; workers don’t know what skill sets will be required in the future. Change is happening so rapidly that children in school will be in jobs that aren’t yet invented.
To have the great jobs and careers of the future, you must embrace and see it before it arrives.

- Robert Goldman, the World Chairman of the International Medical Commission

The workforce is changing; be agile and adapt

Now more than ever we have to be agile and adapt. What got us into business, won’t keep us there. The challenge for us becomes remaining relevant and employable. Graeme Codrington, a futurist at TomorrowToday Global believes that ‘"self-management, self-promotion, relentless marketing, administration, and self-development," are the in-demand skill sets of the future. With Independent Workers and the ‘Gig Economy’ the way forward, now more than ever creating and developing a personal brand has become crucial. We’ll explore how to do this in a coming series article, so keep an out in the coming weeks.

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Contributing Authors

Carma Levene - the Social Chameleon
Carma is a freelance marketing consultant who specialises in Social Media Marketing. While she’s not too keen on the term “gig economy” she’s definitely happy in her current employment format. Within a short period of time she’s managed to eclipse her previous salary, but more than that – she’s able to work on her own terms. Choosing the clients she can help (and referring those she can’t), not wasting time commuting daily for a job that’s predominantly online, not constantly washing “work clothes” and choosing her own hours.

She was excited to contribute to this piece to let people know that there’s no more security in “full time” employment than in the contract model. And although it’s definitely not for everyone - if it is something you want to pursue but think is a risk, maybe reading this will inspire you. You can find out more about Carma.

Maria-Jane (MJ) Satterthwaite
After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 29, MJ knew her journey was going to be unique! 

No way was she going to waste any of her years working 9-5 under poor leadership! She seized the opportunity to become an independent worker; starting her own Registered Training Organisation, Scope Vision.

MJ’s curiosity into what drives people, and businesses, to achieve success has been the passion recognised in her award-winning business. The drive to continue to train and embrace lifelong learning has been her key to success, and she wants to see this happen for others.

20 years on, the passion and curiosity she’s used to shape the businesses she works with, and her longevity in these relationships have inspired her to think about the future of work; what this will mean for workers in general and indeed her own business. Find out more about MJ

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