The Workforce is Changing | Part 2 | An Independent Worker's Perspective

The response since we published our first article ‘The Workforce is Changing; Jobs Are Gone & More Will Follow’ has been amazing; curious discussions are rife.

That fact that: 

“40 per cent of Australian jobs that exist today have a moderate to high likelihood of disappearing in the next 10 to 15 years”.
                                                                        - Committee for Economic Development of Australia

has forced collaborative dialogue on ‘What does this really mean for me’?

Carma and I were curious to investigate. Over the coming months we will share with you our research, as we interview a variety of industry experts, presenting a number of interesting and differing vantage points.

Part 2 of our series explores the impact of ‘The Changing Workforce’ on the Independent Worker. We spent time with Gia Le, an award-winning business entrepreneur and author of Perthspective and asked how she navigates the business world. Nominated in the BUSINESSNEWS ’40under 40’ Awards, the Oscars for independent workers, we knew that Gia’s perspective on the ‘Gig Economy’ would give us some insight.

The Workforce is Changing | An Independent Worker’s Perspective | Spending Time With Gia Le

Gia, why did you decide to become an independent worker?

I wanted the flexibility of commanding my own hours and the freedom to make decisions on who I would work with. I found that working in an organisation meant I surrendered my time and priorities to their choices, and every win I achieved fulfilled their vision – rather than my own. As an independent worker I am 100% in control of my future and able to drive my success and follow my passion.

What challenges have you faced working in the ‘Gig Economy’?

Time management is always a challenge; but you do improve in making decisions on who and where to focus your time and energy. Cash flow is king, I recommend anyone who is looking to transition into the "Gig Economy" to have at least 12 months living expenses put aside.

How do you advertise for and get ‘Gigs’?

You need to go out and meet people. Every coffee meeting brings unquantified opportunities. I'm also a big advocate of digital platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. I produce quality content and amplify it on these channels so that my brand continues to stay top of mind. Engagement is everything.

What new skills have you had to acquire?

I've had to learn about digital marketing at an exponential rate. Within the next 24 months, all successful businesses will rely heavily on digital content to get their brand and message to the community.

Do you miss being part of a team?

Absolutely; being an entrepreneur is a lonely journey so you need to surround yourself with a tribe who shares the same vision as you.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

You need to have a vision so big that it scares you. Instead of running away from fear, I encourage you to sprint towards triumph.

What challenges have you faced regarding dealing with your own tax/legal/super?

Over the past 12 months, I've built up an incredible network of people who are experts in these fields. I outsource all my non-core activities so that I can focus on driving higher level results. I leave the experts to remain experts in their field; as I strive to be one in mine.

Where do you work from?

I'm mobile all day and I also have a home office. I try not to spend time in the office during the day as it’s not an income generating activity. I'm always on the phone contacting my next coffee appointment and to constantly fill my diary with meaningful activity.

What have you learned about yourself?

That the team which got me here is no longer the team that will get me to where I want to be. More importantly, as an entrepreneur you can't do it all yourself so getting help is not a sign of weakness - it's intelligent.

What advice would you give someone entering the ‘Gig Economy’?

Don't wait for the right time because tomorrow may never come.

The Workforce is Changing; be agile and adapt

As Gia attests, now more than ever we have to be agile and adapt. What got you into business, will no longer keep you there. A change in job market brings with it a change in employment models. With the independent worker ‘Gig Economy’ considered the employment model of the future, we all need to ensure that our capabilities remain current and transferable. Leadership capabilities, critical thinking skills and an ability to build a personal brand, look like required skill sets of the future.

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Contributing authors

Carma Levene - the Social Chameleon
Carma is a freelance marketing consultant who specialises in Social Media Marketing. While she’s not too keen on the term “gig economy” she’s definitely happy in her current employment format. Within a short period of time she’s managed to eclipse her previous salary, but more than that – she’s able to work on her own terms. Choosing the clients she can help (and referring those she can’t), not wasting time commuting daily for a job that’s predominantly online, not constantly washing “work clothes” and choosing her own hours.

She was excited to contribute to this piece to let people know that there’s no more security in “full time” employment than in the contract model. And although it’s definitely not for everyone - if it is something you want to pursue but think is a risk, maybe reading this will inspire you. You can find out more about Carma.

Maria-Jane (MJ) Satterthwaite
After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 29, MJ knew her journey was going to be unique! 

No way was she going to waste any of her years working 9-5 under poor leadership! She seized the opportunity to become an independent worker; starting her own Registered Training Organisation, Scope Vision.

MJ’s curiosity into what drives people, and businesses, to achieve success has been the passion recognised in her award-winning business. The drive to continue to train and embrace lifelong learning has been her key to success, and she wants to see this happen for others.

20 years on, the passion and curiosity she’s used to shape the businesses she works with, and her longevity in these relationships have inspired her to think about the future of work; what this will mean for workers in general and indeed her own business. Find out more about MJ.

Gia Le

Gie Le.jpg

Gia is an award-winning business entrepreneur, real estate agent at ACTON Dalkeith and digital marketing specialist. After several years as one of AHG's most successful Business Managers, Gia took a bold new step into real estate. In only one year Gia has advanced into selling high end properties, launched a personal website with more engagement than many company real estate websites and been features in REIWA's monthly Top 30 Rookies multiple times. Gia's highly successful Perthspective blog now reaches 10,000 people per week, featuring Western Australia's most influential business leaders, which has also given a voice to up and coming business entrepreneurs and inspirational community groups. Gia's unique use of digital media and marketing platforms as opposed to a sole focus on traditional media has seen her rapidly grow her client base and engagement to become a highly respected and influential business leader in Western Australia.

You can find out more about Gia.

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