Coach, Mentor, or Personal Board of Directors? What's best?

I often get asked the question should I get a coach or a mentor? My answer is emphatically yes! Surrounding yourself with the right people is often the difference between 'good' and 'great'. But why limit your guidance to just one source when you could engage a personal board of directors.

A personal board of directors“… is a group of people with diverse skills who all contribute to your career, growth and development in different ways’.

There are 6 positions you should aim to fill on your personal board of directors; so consider who you will ask to sit at your table:

1.     Trusted Advisor
The person you go to when you really have a problem. The person who would never betray your confidence and you can unload all your thoughts and feelings and get trustworthy advice from.

2.     Teacher / Coach
The person you go to when you need to learn to get better at something.

3.     Cheerleader
The person you reach out to when you need a pep talk; to be reassured of your contribution and value.

4.     Elder / Guide
An experienced mentor who shares with you their life experience, knowledge and insight.

5.     Creative / Innovator
The person who sparks your ideas, challenge yourself and creativity.

6.     Insight
The person who understands the lay of the land inside the organisation and provides you with tacit knowledge. They hold the insight into ‘How things work around here’.

Be diverse in your wisdom

Whether you use a coach, mentor, or establish your personal board of directors, diversity matters. Make sure that the network of people you connect with when making major decisions is the right one and you will ensure the wisdom gained catapults you to success.

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Maria-Jane Satterthwaite

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 29, MJ knew her journey was going to be unique! 

No way was she going to waste any of her years working 9-5 under poor leadership! She seized the opportunity to become an independent worker; starting her own Registered Training Organisation, Scope Vision.

MJ’s curiosity into what drives people, and businesses, to achieve success has been the passion recognised in her award-winning business. The drive to continue to train and embrace lifelong learning has been her key to success, and she wants to see this happen for others.

20 years on, the passion and curiosity she’s used to shape the businesses she works with, and her longevity in these relationships have inspired her to think about the future of work; what this will mean for workers in general and indeed her own business. Find out more about MJ