Always Remember Your T&T; The Right Attitude is Only a Smile Away!

Always Remember Your T&T;
The Right Attitude is Only a Smile Away!

If you haven’t attended a Scope Vision course then you may well be unfamiliar with the terminology ‘T&T’.

According to the Scope Vision Dictionary:

[Phrase] ‘Tits and Teeth’ (T&T), the behaviours of someone considered self-aware; someone who knows the right thing to think, say and do, in the appropriate manner, every time; when and how to play the game; someone whose behaviour remains flawless in all situations.

‘T&T’ an ‘off the cuff in-class’ comment gained momentum and soon became a phrase used in conversation within our training environment to provide context to discussion. It was easy to recall - giving immediate connection, and at the same time showed vulnerability - when a person said something potentially offensive with the sole intent of generating laughter. ‘T&T’ it was decided, was a necessary leadership capability!

Leaders need T&T

The ability to control your non-verbal communication under pressure, to always be positive, proactive and passionate; lies at the core of a professional ‘Tits & Teether’ (‘T&T’er’). You will never catch them off guard; their discipline is quite spectacular! Where most of us crumble, our being turning human, a true ‘T&T’er’ portrays professionalism in all circumstances.

But are you really ‘authentic’ if you wear ‘T&T’?

Are you really ‘authentic’ if you wear your ‘T&T’? fast became a topic of discussion within leadership classes. Robust debate evolved. Is it wrong to mask your true feelings? Does putting on your ‘T&T’ mean you are fake? It was interesting to hear learners’ perspective as they shared personal examples of people they had worked with who role modelled great ‘T&T’; yet remained genuine. Conversation concurred; there is nothing more inspiring than working with someone who is flawless, regardless of the situation at hand. Having mastered the ability to continuously demonstrate appropriate behaviour, they always think, say and do the right thing at the right time; all the time! This engenders a sense of trust and confidence in the leader and the decisions that they make.

T&T? Or a bullshit sandwich?

I have started back with my personal trainer, Lora Gizzarelli, a former Scope enthusiast who runs her own gym and PT business. Lora and her husband Paul, [aka-‘You Killin’ Me Gizz’, the black belt JiJitzu maniac] train security guards at Crown Perth just for fun.  Lora and Paul mean business. I on the other hand have not recently prioritised boxing, push-up or crunches, (it’s been several years since the Gizzarelli’s last whipped me into shape). 

Partway through one of the sets Lora reached for the ‘T&T’:

‘You got this. No pain - no gain. If it’s burning; it’s working’.

A pessimist may call this a ‘bullshit sandwich’; but when delivered by a ‘T&T’er it becomes ‘a flawless response’.

In that moment of ‘T&T’ sisterhood, I knew it was Lora’s flawless response. Reminding me that no matter how hard it gets; I am not in this alone. It was her way of inspiring me. Her encouragement and more importantly, the message behind it, made me believe that in that moment I had a choice - a choice to be positive, proactive and passionate - put my ‘T&T’ on; or I had the choice to give up and go home! The latter was not going to be an option for either of us.

Life has taught me to adopt a positive outlook and build GRIT.
‘T&T’ thinking has taught me that there are moments in time when the only right course of action is to ‘remember your T&T and smile!’

‘T&T’ at their best as Nicole Kidman portrays Gertrude Bell in ‘Queen of the Desert’

Gertrude Bell knew exactly the game to play to secure peace in the desert of Saudi Arabia amongst the tribal leaders of the Middle East in the early 19th Century. Portrayed in the movie ‘Queen of the Desert’ by Nicole Kidman, you watch in awe as Gertrude uses her ‘T&T’ to remain flawless in every situation she encountered. A grand master of the ‘T&T’ philosophy.

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Maria-Jane Satterthwaite

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 29, MJ knew her journey was going to be unique! 

No way was she going to waste any of her years working 9-5 under poor leadership! She seized the opportunity to become an independent worker; starting her own Registered Training Organisation, Scope Vision.

MJ’s curiosity into what drives people, and businesses, to achieve success has been the passion recognised in her award-winning business. The drive to continue to train and embrace lifelong learning has been her key to success, and she wants to see this happen for others.

20 years on, the passion and curiosity she’s used to shape the businesses she works with, and her longevity in these relationships have inspired her to think about the future of work; what this will mean for workers in general and indeed her own business. Find out more about MJ