Awaken the Leader Within


Awaken the Leader Within


Influencing and developing capabilities is one of the most important roles of leaders. This comprehensive program focuses on developing leadership capabilities in frontline managers. Designed as a series of interactive workshops, learners explore a variety of leadership and management concepts adding valuable tools and skills to their leadership toolbox.

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Topics covered include: building high performing teams; understanding communication preferences to enable positive collaboration; measuring and increasing current leadership capabilities; managing unacceptable behaviour and minimising business risk; mastering personal effectiveness; selecting, perfecting and projecting the perfect team by playing to strengths; applying creative thinking and problem-solving tools to assist in effective decision making; and applying Situational Leadership to drive team capabilities.


Building and leading a winning team

  • Five key ingredients of a winning team
  • Creating team direction and vision
  • Creating team values and ethics
  • Developing and maintaining team trust
  • Exploring team celebration
  • FISH; catch the energy, release the potential
  • Strategies for enabling effective performance
  • Blanchard’s One Minute Management principles
  • Dealing with conflict productively


DISC: Understanding communication preferences

  • Reading and interpreting your DISC profile
  • Putting your behaviours into action
  • Your value to the organisation
  • Checklist for communicating
  • Don’ts on communicating
  • Communication tips for the different styles
  • Creating an ideal environment
  • Perceptions; how people see you
  • Understanding your natural and adapted style
  • Keys to motivating
  • Keys to managing
  • Areas for improvement


Leadership capabilities of the 21st Century Manager

  • What’s needed in your toolbox?
  • Inventories to explore your current capabilities

Acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

  • Managing business risk through gaining an understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the impact it has on a company’s brand and continuity of operations
  • Discrimination through the eyes of children undertaking a social experiment in the 1970’s
  • The impact of harassment and discrimination in the workplace and explore how to prevent it

Mastering personal effectiveness

  • Identifying your current personal effectiveness challenges
  • The relationship between time, stress and you
  • Techniques to improve your personal effectiveness
  • Mastering the art of planning with the guidance of three philosophies:
    • The Pareto principle
    • The 7 habits of highly effective people; and
    • How to eat a frog!


Learning styles

  • Determine your preferred learning style

Belbin team roles;

  • Select, perfect and project a performing team; exploring Belbin’s 9 team roles

Creative thinking and problem-solving in action!

  • Apply concepts and tools to solve and explore current problems or opportunities:
    • De Bono 6 Hats Thinking
    • Johari window
    • 5 Why’s
    • Fishbone; Cause and Effect
    • Decision matrix

Diagnose your team using Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model

  • Core competencies of a Situational Leader
  • Partnering for performance; the Situational Leadership model
  • Diagnosis the first step
  • Understand the 4 Leadership Styles
  • Match Leadership Style to Developmental Level


3 Day program


$7,700 INC GST per workshop [maximum numbers 20]


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