[Review] The Woman in the Window

Author: A.J. Finn
Sourced: Book of the Month, here’s your referral link to score a deal for both of us.
Meows: 4.999 out of 5 meows because didn’t see the double twist + super fast & fun read!


A troubled recluse witnesses a murder, she thinks. But she can’t be sure what she saw when her neighbors play on her psychiatric insecurities. The mystery unfolds as the reader learns about Anna’s past, her imperfections, and eventually the truth of what happened next door.


This is the kind of book that you read in a weekend and then run to tell your other book friends about because it was so shocking and fun to read. Do you keep it as part of your personal collection? I vote yes-ish and give it a 6 out of 10 toe beans value. It’s one of those books that you may definitely read again, but not because of all the memorable or moving quotes. It’s more about the craving for a mystery and if you’re like me, you’ll have forgotten every twist and turn so some will feel new again. Even if you remember every plot point, you’re likely to pick up on new foreshadowing that you missed before.

Give this one to a friend if you purchased it (like I did), but ask for it back so you can read it again by the pool this summer!



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