[Review] The Kiss Quotient

Author: Helen Hoang
Sourced: Amazon for quick book club buy
Meows: 4.89 out of 5 meeeeeooowwwwws, because romance


Stella has her quirks, which by some definitions would be called Asperger’s. She wants to find love, but she can’t even stand to be touched, kiss, or anything else that comes with romance. After letting a colleague shame her lack of sexual experience, Stella decides to practice all things sexy with a professional—Michael Phan, an almost too good to be true escort. After several flubs from both Stella and Michael, love seems like it could be on the table, but only if they can both deal with who they are and how much they choose to let their past influence their future.


“Once she decided on something, she was just as single-minded as her mother—and her mascot, the pugnacious honey badger.”
page 35

“Girls like me intimidate boyfriends away. Girls like me have never been asked out by a single boy. Girls like me have to find their way, make their own luck.”
page 42

“She wasn’t a robot or a disable autistic girl. She was herself. She was enough. She could be anything. She could make herself into anything. She could prove everyone wrong.”
page 268


A fun and light read after some heavy-hitters in our book club, The Kiss Quotient was a welcome change. Easy to read, but not too predictable, Hoang delivers a cute story that deserves an 8 out of 10 toe beans. Was it riveting and saucy like true romance novels? Nah, though there might have been one throbbing member. Was it a groundbreaking story? Nope, hello reverse Pretty Woman. But did it fill a need for a good read—oh yeah. And it was so darling, that I’ll definitely keep it for my private collection in case any gal pals want to borrow.

Two things I did like very much about this book was that 1.) Stella, a female, was in the power role. She was calling the shots. 2.) Michael was from a Vietnamese family, and the author incorporated the culture throughout the book. It wasn’t until I read the epilogue that the third reason I loved this book was because it was showing what the Autism scale was like for women and the ways it can manifest. I honestly didn’t know that it was very different from males to females, so this was enlightening too.

Have you read any similar books that are a quick read and a little bit steamy? Leave your recommendation in the comments!


One thought on “[Review] The Kiss Quotient

  1. Hmm I don’t really read steamy reads (although this one is on my list, I picked this novel when I won my last giveaway and I’m waiting for it to arrive) but I liked The Plus One which had a few fun scenes in the bedroom… I can’t wait to read this one now, great review!


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