[Review] A Wind in the Door

Author: Madeleine L’Engle
Sourced: Borrowed from a friend also obsessed with this series, but available on Amazon for less than $6.50
Meows: 3.75 out of 5, because it’s a great story but lagged in some chapters


Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace return in this sequel to A Wrinkle in Time–or rather the second book in the Time Quintet series. Still set in their small town and facing darkness, Meg and Calvin team up with a new mystical creature and teacher to once again help Charles Wallace escape evil. Mr. Jenkins, the principal, also returns to force us out of our reality into a Magic School Bus type of adventure as we shrink and go inside Charles Wallace to fight the Ecthroi and to save the world (again).


“Like everything else”–Meg spoke to a few remaining cauliflower heads–“it’s falling apart. It’s not right in the United States of America that a little kid shouldn’t be safe in school.”
page 48

“What you think is not the point. What you do is what’s going to count.”
page 113

“Proginoskes probed gently and thoughtfully into her mind. “I don’t understand your feelings. I’m trying to, but I don’t. It must be extremely unpleasant to have feelings.”
page 135


On a scale of 1 to 10 toe beans, I give A Wind in the Door a 5. It was a fun and quick read, but unless you’re intending to purchase and keep the entire collection, it’s not a book for the permanent library. I do think L’Engle has an amazing writing style, imagination, and a way of framing difficult conversations. I also think this book is worth reading, it’s just not one I think I’d keep forever. Unlike Wrinkle, this is one I probably won’t read again, but I am glad I read it so I can round out the series.


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