[Review] Three Wishes

Author: Liane Moriarty
Sourced: passed on from a friend, read for book club
Meows: 1.2 out of 5; the usual descriptive writing from Moriarty but you won’t get the same feels as you do from her other books. This book gets one full star for character development to the point that I actually respect the author for how much I hate some of the characters.


Fictional drama set around sisters (Lyn, Cat, and Gemma) in Australia, all turning 33. Lyn and Cat are identical and both married; Gemma is fraternal completing the set of triplets. Lyn is married to Michael struggling with a teenager and a two-year old. Cat is married to Dan and just discovered her husband is cheating and Gemma can’t keep a man for more than six months. All character plot lines eventually intertwine around the drama of Dan’s infidelity and the story significantly hinges on the concept of multiples and their unique bond.


“What are you going to do next, Cat?” asked Rob Spencer. “Give away a vibrator with every box of chocolates?” “Now you’re talking,” said Cat.
page 406

Admittedly, I didn’t have a quote pre-selected when I originally wrote this review so I flipped back through for something. But, I think this quote kind of captures why you’ll enjoy reading the book at first. It really shows Liane coming into her fun writing style and humor as an author.


The toe beans/re-read value for Three Wishes is a 3, because let’s just keep the theme alive. There’s infidelity, infertility, and awkwardness from nearly every character to keep you cringing and reading, but in the end I think you’ll feel disappointed. As mentioned before, points for making me hate the characters so much that I respect the character development itself, but the plot is tired in places and after a single read, I don’t see myself wanting to read again anytime soon. Definitely worth passing on to a friend for a beach trip, but slap a caution sticker on the cover that this isn’t Big Little Lies or What Alice Forgot. Moriarty is in her early stages with this book, finding her writing style, and you can tell from the story line. Definitely not one for the permanent collection, but for less than $7 on Amazon it’s a cheap read.


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