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Letter to my 25 year old self

Letter to my 25 year old self

I recently read a post from Sir Richard Branson to his former self aged 25.
In #ChallengeRichard, he was challenged to write a letter to his 10, 25, 50 and 65 year old self. His thoughts sent me digressing as I pondered what I would write if I was faced with the same proposition...

Gia Le got MJ's Perthspective

Recently I was excited to be featured by the talented Gia Le in her Perthspective reflections of the people of Perth. Gia is one of Perth's up and coming real estate super-powers, and a truly exceptional and inspirational business woman in her own right. 

Click on the article link following to read the interview she did with me sweetly titled "MJ Satherthwaite – How To Be Remarkable" 

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